6 Gym wear essentials for Women

So you are planning your gym outfits but don’t know where to start. It happens us all. The gym has become one of the most popular places to hangout these days so planning a few gym wear essentials is key. We all want to be fit and healthy, showing off our best look.

Besides the obvious items like a towel and a bottle of water what other items can you not go without for your next gym session.

The best thing about investing in a few nice pieces of gym wear is that you can wear them anywhere, walks with friends, late night jogging, yoga classes and the list goes on. Your gym clothes should make you feel fit, happy and comfortable while you workout.

Below is a list of 6 essential Gym wear essentials for women that will encourage you to get out and get fit:


A pair of Basic Black Leggings by Designed for Fitness is a must have on your gym wear checklist.  They will keep you tucked in nicely, comfortable and go well with any top to match. The important thing to note about black leggings is that you won’t see your sweat patches and they are a breathable fit.

Basic Black


It does feel hard being a women sometimes and going to the gym can be a task if you don’t have a good sports bra for support. The material in the Designed for Fitness sports bra collection is designed to keep you strapped in and flexible during any workout.

Basic Top Black


A pair of breathable shorts will absorb sweat and provide the ventilation you need when you are working out. Whether you are on the treadmill or lifting weights these shorts are good company to keep. They will allow you to breathe. They come in a variety of colours and are super stylish.

Short Lemon


This light fabric will keep you cool and allow your upper body to breathe while you workout. You can choose to wear it with your sports bra or on it’s own after you finish your gym session.



The stylish jumpsuits by Designed for Fitness are made to tailor for all of your outdoor fitness activities. The matching long sleeves and hood make it irresistible running and walking attire.

DF ORIGINAL Royale Jumpsuit


Finally, no gym wear look is complete without your cropped hoodie. This is perfect to wear before and after your workout routine.

Sweatshirt Signature Black

Now that you have your 5 gym wear essentials packed you are ready to concentrate on your performance. Remember that the quality of all gym wear is important. You want to go for breathable, light, easy to clean fabrics that are long lasting for all of your next gym sessions.

For more items to add to your gym wardrobe check out our latest collections.

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