5 Easy Workouts you can try at Home

5 Easy Workouts you can try at Home

So your feeling guilty because you haven’t had the time to hit the gym for a few days. Don’t panic. You can do some simple workouts at home to stay on track.


Easy Ab Workout

Sit ups are one of the most popular exercises and you know that they are effective when you feel that crunch pain as you keep moving. Lie back in a comfortable position. Bend your knees, keeping your feet flat on the ground. Place your hands by your temple and raise your torso gently until you are nearly in a sitting position. 10 – 20 of these bad boys per day and you are on your way to a flatter stomach.

Squats while you watch

You don’t need a gym to practice your squat moves. You can do these anywhere. Try watching your favourite Netflix show while you squat up and down. Time will pass by quickly but you will feel the crunch.

Step to it

This is the easiest exercise to try out and keep doing outside of the gym. If you don’t have a gym step use a collection of books and start stepping. Up and down, up and down until you start to feel the burn. Be careful to put your step on a solid surface that doesn’t move. Turn up your gym playlist and start counting the steps.


Although planking sounds easy when you explain it to someone, the key here is duration. face forward and place both hands flat on the ground in front of you, move your wrists so that they are below your shoulder line. Make sure your body is straight from head to toe. Hold this position for as long as you can. When you stop take some deep breaths and always stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Jumping Jacks

If you want to work up a quick sweat than jumping jacks are great. 50 jumping jacks will get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. Start by standing with your feed together and hands by your side. When you jump quickly move your legs and hands up in the air and back down again to finish. Try doing these for 2 minutes and taking a 1 minute rest.

And don’t forget to take some time out at the end of your workout routine and appreciate your motivation to try these easy workouts at home.



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