About Us

Everything is possible for hard-working people, and so do our workers in the Designed for Fitness think the same way. And so we kept thinking this way whilst doing the first ever burpee, running the first marathon and pondering design of our own sport clothing brand.

Designed for Fitness embodies the synergy of colorful prints, original outlooks and professional fabrics which we were so badly longing for.

Feminine and comfortable clothing was designed for the sports fans as well as for professional sportsmen.

First samples were tried out by professional sportsmen and received positive feedback. Amongst those, Olga Kulinich (the World, European and Ukrainian champion in WBPF), Olga Dukareva (the absolute champion of Ukraine in 2015, WBPF), Eleonora Alibaeva (Ukrainian champion, Vice-Champion of the World, Arnold Classic medal winner), Svetlana Eregina (Arnold Classic absolute champion, the absolute champion of Russia, IFBB Bikini Pro), Anastasia Kabanova (silver medal winner in Olympia Spain 2015, Ukrainian Champion in 2015), and Ekaterina Usmanova (champion of Russia and the World in the bench press and the World Vice-Champion in the bikini fitness competition as well as the most popular fitness model in Russia).

This is what inspired us to create the trademark Designed for Fitness.

Sports clothing by Designed for Fitness is a good choice not for the professional sportsmen only, but also for people who prefer healthy and active living. Choosing to go with our clothes, one does not only get to wear it, but also can literally sense the emotions, endless energy flow and strong stamina reflected in the bright and intense color palette, which was picked up by our designers in a skillful and smart way. Happy clients all around the world have already had a pleasure for the entire year to enjoy perfect combination of a style and technologies.

Today Designed for Fitness is all about the following things:

– It has over hundred representative offices in Azerbaijan, Аrmenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Greece, Czech Republic, Finland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Monglolia, Portugal, Russian Federation, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Slovakia,  Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA, Uzbekistan.

– It accounts over 1 200 000 of the subscribers in social networks.

– It is favored by many celebrities such as Alena Shishkova, Olga Buzova, Regina Todorenko, Natalya Rudova, Slava Kaminskaya, Anita Tsoy, Xenia Borodina, Alena Vodonaeva as well as many others.

And this is only beginning. Designed for Fitness team is not going to settle with achieved results in sport and business fields. We are going to move forward in a confident, stylish and feminine way.