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  • Corsetry Fitness-Belt Black

    Corsetry fitness belt for reliable fixation of the cortical muscles and prevention of lesions of the lumbosacral spine with intensive physical exertion.

    Belt was developed in conjunction with a medical company that specializes in the manufacture of orthopedic products for the spine.

    Stabilization of the lumbosacral section is carried out due to four rigid ribs (plastic) and double fixation with ties made of elastic material, which does not cause skin irritation.

    This belt-corset will be an excellent help when doing sit-ups and pulls, not passing and not surviving the abdominal cavity, allowing you to breathe freely.


    – The height of the corset is 25 cm;

    – made of an elastic “breathable” material that does not cause skin irritation;

    – Hypoallergenic fabric;

    – stabilization of the lumbar-sacral region is provided by 4 plastic stiffeners;

    – Elastic double screed provides additional fixation;

    – does not constrain movements;

    – can be worn throughout the entire workout;

    – Composition: 4 stiffeners from plastic; 50% elastane. 50% polyester;